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September 2009 Quantum Energy Logistics  
12 September 2009

Due to the complex and diverse areas that Sustainable energy and renewables are developing. We would like to introduce to you Quantum Energy Logistics, a company actually formed 10 years ago by three forward thinking Electricians, (Paul Danelutti, Giulio Reginato and Tony Devlin) In Australia we were probably a bit a head of our time and the market was not ready for us. But now Tony through Australian Building & Maintenance is now running QEL as a venture within the ABM infrastructure Network.  QEL is solely dedicated to the development of energy management and consumptions across all areas.

QEL can be used as a consulting and or management business for other contractors and/or we can provide turnkey and ongoing support for any implementation of energy saving and alternative power source directly to the customer.  Solar PV\'s Grid connect or Stand Alone, Wind power generation, Solar HWS Thermal Performance Assessment , Energy Monitoring and Home Sustainability Assessment all part of our business

At QEL we have developed an intelligent energy monitoring system that can be accessed via the internet and will measure up to 100a 3 phase per load or switchboard and can be tracked individually at under $400.00. We can assist in monitoring, advise of usage peaks and help determine loads that can be targeted for the first month free of charge to get you on your way. Or if ongoing support is required we can assist.

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