Energy Ratings
ABM can offer Home Sustainabilty Assessments for DEWHA and Thermal Performance Assessments which has been an important step in achieving building approvals for many years now.

Thermal Performance Assessments are produced by providing an energy rating based on 5 stars. Attaining a rating will involve a physical and thorough inspection of major energy and water usage relating to thermal comfort, water heating, lighting, cooking, refrigeration, entertainment, water efficiencies, internal and external consumptions and waste management.

At Australian Building & Maintenance, we want to maximize your potential for the most efficient dwelling possible without excessive costs.

What will we need to look for:
Shading in summer and floodlit rooms in winter
Adequate Thermal insulation
Glazing types
Position and size of windows
Sealing of doors windows etc
Orientation of the house
Options in Heating and cooling methods 
Internal Thermal Mass 

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