Sustainability Services
Staff at Australian Building & Maintenance are passionate about the sustainability services and look forward to every project that takes a step forward in the reduction of greenhouse gases and our carbon footprint.  We are intent on influencing every customer on the sensible use of our precious and limited resources.

You may or may not realise that by reducing the energy used, you will reduce your energy costs - so if it is your pocket, you can make conscious efforts about the future for yourself and/or your children. Let us see if we can help you make a difference.
A valid consideration for investors is a point of interest that has been realised that the base value of a home can be increased by 3% per each star rating acheived in a home, which makes energy efficiency a very good investment (example from a property worth $400,000 could increase by $12,000 per star as recently demonstrated in the A.C.T).

At Australian Building & Maintenance we can provide to you the following services:

Home sustainability assessment (whole of home including appliances and lifetsyle)
Thermal performance assessment (6 star energy rating on building envelope for building permits)
PV Solar Panel design and Installation (Grid connect and Stand alone)
Solar Hot Water service design and Installation
Wind power generation design and Installation
Design prospects on and with the reuse of recycled builidng materials and standard building design aspects for sustainable performance.

To reduce your costs and energy comsumption whilst helping the environment, Australian Building & Maintenance would like to help you. Call us on 03 9438 5556

For more sustainable suggestions that you can implement yourself go to and look for sustainability in the home.
For more information about our services, call now on (03) 9438 5556.